Vision 2030 aspirations are to provide Kenyans with adequate and decent housing in a sustainable human environment. Th vision aspires to realise “an adequately and decently housed nation in a sustainable environment”. In the second Medium Term Plan (2013-17), the following flagship projects were identified for implementation:

  • Facilitation of production of 300,000 housing units annually through various initiatives
  • Development of affordable, quality and affordable houses for lower income Kenyans
  • Establishment of housing technology centres in each constituency to increase access
    to decent housing by promoting location specific building materials and low-cost housing
  • Installation of physical and social infrastructure in slums and informal settlements in selected urban areas
  • Implementation of Kenya Informal Settlement Improvement Project (KISIP)
  • Establishment of national housing data base and a monitoring and evaluation framework
  • Development and implementation of housing finance initiatives
  • Preparation of strategic integrated physical development plans for five urban centres along the Lamu Port, Southern Sudan and Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor; special border towns and all other municipalities
  • Preparation and implementation of strategic development and investment plans in six metropolitan regions (Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu-Kakamega; Nakuru-Eldoret, Wajir-Garissa-Mandera, Kitui-Mwingi-Meru) and their respective spatial plans
  • Review and formulation of National Urban Development Policy
  • Implementation of Cities and Urban Areas Act of 2011.
  • Preparation of Capital Investment plans for all urban infrastructure i.e. Urban Transportation, Urban Safety and Disaster Management, Strategic Environmental Plan, Urban Sanitation
  • Technical assistance and support to County Governments in planning, urbanization and infrastructure development
  • Metropolitan Infrastructure Development
  • Development and implementation of a metropolitan branding and promotion, metropolitan safety and emergency, metropolitan social Infrastructure and quality of life, metropolitan planning and environment management programmes.


  • Facilitate production of 300,000 housing units per year under various initiatives
  • Promote research and utilization of appropriate building materials and construction
  • Administration and management of Government pool houses
  • Facilitate civil servants access housing
  • Resolve landlord-tenant disputes and promote peaceful tenancy relationships
  • Facilitate access to adequate housing
  • Improve livelihoods of people living and working in slums and informal settlements
    Develop and coordinate implementation of integrated strategic urban development plans.
    Implementation of Kenya Municipal Programme targeting 15 urban areas through IDA/SIDA.
  • Implementation of urban social infrastructure and utilities — bus parks, storm water drainage, social halls, stadia, solid and liquid waste management and non-motorized transport facilities.
  • Enhancement of safety and disaster management and mitigation in selected urban areas.