Department of Housing

The Department is organized into five Divisions namely: Housing Policy Management and Implementation, Human Settlements, Housing Finance and Incentives, Appropriate Building Materials and Technology (ABMT); and Housing Sector Monitoring and Evaluation.

Housing Policy Management and Implementation Division

 The Division is charged with the following responsibilities:

  1. Formulation, implementation and review of housing sector national policies, legislations and regulations;
  2. Development and co-ordination of housing sector guidelines, standards and quality assurance;
  3. Formulation of framework for land banking and serviced land to facilitate development of affordable housing;
  4. Formulation of framework for social housing to address housing needs for those disadvantaged by housing markets;
  5. Technical assistance and capacity building for counties on attunement of their housing policies; strategies and programmes to national housing policy and development goals;
  6. Development and management of inventory for accredited housing developers to achieve quality control and consumer protection.

Human Settlements Division

This Division is mandated with the following responsibilities:

  1. National Secretariat on Human Settlements matters for local, national, regional and international fora;
  2. Co-ordination of Kenya’s participation in observance of World Habitat Day, World Cities Day; Urban October, National Urban Forum/Regional Urban Forum/World Urban Forum, Shelter Afrique Annual General Meetings, Governing Council of UN-Habitat, United Nationals General Assembly and Africa Union Specialized Technical Committee No. 8 (formerly AMCHUD);
  3. Identification, documentation and dissemination of best practices in Housing and Human Settlements Sector;
  4. Facilitate liaison and linkages between and among local and international investors to promote sustainable human settlements;
  5. Co-ordination and liaison with international, national and county housing stakeholders and investors including participation in housing expos;
  6. Reporting on international conventions and protocols in housing and human settlements.

Housing Finance and Incentives Division

The Division is charged with the following responsibilities:

  1. Co-ordinate establishment and operationalization of the National Housing Development Fund;
  2. Sensitize stakeholders on available financial services models in liaison with other national agencies like Capital Markets Authority and Central Bank;
  3. Co-ordinate development and review of housing incentives in liaison  with the National Treasury and other stakeholders;
  4. Facilitate investment in affordable housing by increasing stock of serviced land through various initiatives;
  5. Promote provision of housing/basic services through PPP and other emerging financial models;
  6. Provide technical assistance and capacity building on PPP framework and other emerging financial models to counties;
  7. Create an institutional framework for expanding access to housing and basic services.

Appropriate Building Materials and Technology (ABMT) Division

This Division is responsible for the following functions:

  1. Coordination of collaborative research and documentation; technology incubation and enterprise development; and technology transfer, capacity building training and dissemination of ABMT for the housing sector;
  2. Development of guidelines for establishment and management of ABMT centers;
  3. Provide technical assistance and consultancy on development of low cost housing using ABMT;
  4. Benchmarking, documentation and dissemination of best practices on ABMT;
  5. Development and management of training and construction guidelines on ISSB and other ABMT that may necessitate mainstreaming;
  6. Development and management of inventory for accredited professionals, technicians and artisans to ensure quality control and assurance on ISSB and other ABMT that may necessitate mainstreaming.

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Housing Sector Monitoring and Evaluation Division

The Division undertakes the following functions:

  1. Development of a housing sector monitoring and evaluation framework ;
  2. Development and maintenance of a national housing database;
  3. Conducting housing census and surveys in liaison with other government agencies;
  4. Review and provision of advice on Environmental Impact Assessment Reports from NEMA on housing development projects;
  5. Supporting county governments in housing monitoring and evaluation systems;
  6. Issuance of regular housing market performance indices and statistics to guide consumers and promote competitiveness among service providers.

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