The Government of Kenya (GOK) has committed to provide 500,000 homes with the supporting infrastructure to Kenyans using innovative funding mechanisms and technologies under the Affordable Housing Programme (AHP).

The State Department for Housing and Urban Development (SDHUD) under the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works, (MTIHUD&PW) is championing the realization of the AHP through establishment of a robust project delivery and financing framework that will leverage on private sector funding. In this regard, the government is collaborating with private sector strategic partners to plan and develop the affordable housing units while the government avails parcels of land for the housing development.

The first AHP project in Park Road, Nairobi consisting of 1,370 No. one-, two-, and three-bedroom units was successfully completed in October 2020. The demand for the houses was high and there are many Kenyans who applied for allocation of the houses but were unable to secure a unit. The State Department is therefore encouraged by the demand and is in the process of developing housing units in Starehe and Shauri Moyo, Nairobi and Bondeni, Nakuru Municipality. The groundbreaking for the Bondeni, Nakuru Municipality project was done in May 2021 and construction is ongoing. The project will be completed in 30 months. The procurement process for the Shauri Moyo and Starehe projects is at an advanced stage and the projects will be completed in 24 months after groundbreaking.

The project details are as shown below.


No Name of Project Unit Typologies No. of Units Floor Areas (SQM) Provisional Price of the Units (KShs.)
1. Starehe, Nairobi 1 Bed Room 353 30 1,500,000
2 Bed Room 1,178 40 2,000,000
3 Bed Room 825 60 3,000,000
2. Shauri Moyo A, Nairobi 1 Bed Room 224 30 1,500,000
2 Bed Room 706 40 2,000,000
3 Bed Room 528 60 3,000,000
3. Shauri Moyo B, Nairobi 1 Bed Room 480 30 1,500,000
2 Bed Room 636 40 2,000,000
3 Bed Room 336 60 3,000,000
4 Bondeni, Nakuru Municipality 1 Bed Room 45 33 1,550,000
2 Bed Room 180 64 3,000,000
3 Bed Room 380 85 4,000,000


Interested public servants are invited to express interest to purchase the houses through our online forms. The expression of interest forms for individual purchasers and institutional/bulk purchasers are available from our website at


The forms for individual purchasers are also available through the following link:

The forms for institutional/bulk purchasers are available through the following link:

Filled expression of interest forms should be submitted online through the provided links by 14th December 2021 at 1700hrs Alternatively, interested public servants may submit printed versions of the form to Procurement Secretariat, Ardhi House, 6th Floor Wing B or PDF versions by email to by 14th December 2021 at 1700hrs.


The expression of interest forms will guide the state department in determining the number of units to be reserved for the public sector and will also guide in the off-take arrangements between the strategic partner and the government. Individual officers and institutional purchasers who express interest to purchase the houses will later be contacted and will be required to make an application for the houses by filling an application form and paying a minimum deposit of 10% by 17th February 2022  at 1700hrs.


20210909 Circular – Sale of AHP houses in Starehe Shauri Moyo and Bondeni 23.06.21

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