The State Department is responsible for providing policy direction and coordination of all matters related to housing and urban planning and development.


  • Housing Policy Management
  • Development and Management of Affordable Housing
  • Management of Building and Construction Standards and Codes
  • National Secretariat for Human Settlement
  • Management of Civil Servants Housing Scheme
  • Development and Management of Government Housing
  • Shelter and Slum Upgrading
  • Building Research Services
  • Registration of Contractors and Materials Suppliers Building Research Services
  • Registration of Civil, Building and Electro-Mechanical Contractors
  • Registration of Architects and Quantity Surveyors
  • Urban Planning and Development

Our Institutions

  1. National Construction Authority
  2.  National Housing Corporation (NHC)
  3. Kenya Building Research Centre
  4. Rent Restriction Tribunal (RRT)

Our Strategic Objectives

The strategic objectives are:

  1. To build adequate capacity to deliver effective and efficient services;
  2. To formulate and coordinate implementation of policies and legal framework for sustainable, housing and urban development.
  3. To facilitate access to adequate housing.
  4. To improve livelihoods of people living and working in slums and informal settlements.
  5. To develop and coordinate implementation of integrated strategic urban development   and capital investment plans.

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